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Kite Air Conditioning is a leading Air Conditioning Company with over 20 years continual trading. Specialising in installations, repairs and maintenance of fitted air conditioning systems for both the domestic and commercial markets, we provide non-obligation free quotes and unbeatable prices coupled with the highest quality service to all our clients, which we believe is the very reason why our repeat business ratio is so high,! Our friendly expert team are always on hand to answer your questions.

At Kite Air Conditioning we pride ourselves on:


We always aim to give our clients outstanding service, including saucing and passing on the best prices available. Working only with quality leading brands also gives our clients the peace of mind and security of long manufacturing warranties.


No matter how big or small your home or commercial air conditioning requirements are we provide you with a non-obligation FREE installation quote. Drawn up by one of our experienced engineers, the detailed quote is emailed to you shortly after the site visit, and followed up with customer support to answer any questions you may have.


At Kite Air Conditioning our extensive team of engineers, technicians and customer support have a wealth of experience of over 20 years. We’re constantly adding to our knowledge by keeping up to date on the current technologies, which provide our clients with the latest cost effective and energy efficient solutions that are also kinder to the environment.


Whether you’re a home owner, a small business operator or a large company, nothing is more important to us than providing an excellent service. From the outset we wanted to stand out from our competitors and reliability for us is a must!

Kite Air Conditioning has based its foundations on the belief that standards must be set, maintained and then raised. The name Kite Air Conditioning has become synonymous with quality, integrity and most of all an honest approach.

So much is changing in the world of air conditioning, particularly as environmental issues become more prevalent and so Kite Air Conditioning is changing too. Kite is investing heavily in training to ensure all staff, particularly technicians, carry the all important Safe Handling Certification.

Kite Air Conditioning offer greener solutions, quoting units that ensure their clients are enjoying reduced energy use and lower running costs plus doing their part to reduce the all important carbon emissions. A recent development that Kite is proud of is their accreditation as Installers for Mitsubishi Electric, particularly as this particular manufacturer is concentrating on developing a range of eco friendly and green products.

Kite Air Conditioning ensure that its sales team are well versed in products and services offered by leading manufacturers of equipment in order to offer a wide range of products covering all your requirements and specifications. Proudly we’re now operating in two locations: air conditioning Sydney & Sydney’s Inner West, whilst our Northern Rivers office provides air conditioning to the Byron Bay & surrounding region.

To enquire about our products or services, or for a no obligation quote please contact us on 1300 165 075.




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