• Air Conditioning Service

    Inner West, Eastern Suburbs & North Shore. Kite Air Conditioning provides affordable air conditioning service and repairs on all major brands of home air conditioners.  Our fast & reliable team are fully qualified, licenced & insured to carry out work in a timely and professional manner.  Our loyal client base really appreciate our one stop… [Continue Reading]

    Air Conditioning Service
  • Multi Split Air Conditioning

    A multi split system consists of a single outdoor condensing unit connected by refrigerant pipes and electrical cables to multiple indoor units of various styles.  A multi split system is ideal for installations where space for outdoor units is limited.  By connecting up to nine indoor units to one outdoor and reducing installation space your… [Continue Reading]

    Multi Split Air Conditioning
  • Ducted Air Conditioning

    Ducted air conditioning works by drawing in room air from various parts of the building through return-air ducts.  This air is pulled through a filter where airborne particles such as dust and lint are removed.  Sophisticated filters may remove microscopic pollutants as well. The filtered air is routed to air supply ductwork that carries it… [Continue Reading]

    Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Ducted Gas Heating

    An uncomfortable home or office environment can affect your productivity or your quality of life. Kite Air Conditioning has the technology and experience to transform any environment. The benefits of a relaxing and comfortable environment are obvious. Kite Air Conditioning uses the latest technology from respected vendors to protect you from the freezing cold of… [Continue Reading]

    Ducted Gas Heating